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The final installment of Homespun Seals' "The Sketchbook Series" is out soon!

A Charcoal Afternoon EP Cover.jpg
An Evening in the Margins EP Cover.jpg
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Check out the full length video for "El Camino Real" from "An Evening in the Margins."

Sample each song of "A Charcoal Afternoon" through this airborne video shot in Hope Valley, California!

In May 2001, Blue Turtle Seduction set sail in South Lake Tahoe, California. Through its official 9 year run, the band provided the largest platform and exposure for my songwriting and arranging to date. To mark the 20th anniversary, I combed the internet for source content and created this montage video as a personal time capsule to commemorate the experience.

Blue Turtle Seduction Montage Video
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To read more about the background of the video, along with video and audio credits, click below:

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