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A Charcoal Afternoon EP Cover.jpg

Homespun Seals is an umbrella for an original-songs-focused 3 EP digital presentation called the "The Sketchbook Series." 


In addition to having previously unpublished songs, this project has also been a chance to reimagine various songs I've written over the last 25 years. These are songs that felt previously off-limits to solo or duo performances as they had originally been designed for full band performances or other singers.

Starting in the summer of 2020, I began the disassembling / reassembling process on a number of songs. Sometimes this meant creating a new vocal part over what used to be a violin or guitar solo section, sometimes it meant making adjustments to tempos or altering chord changes. Other times it meant completely re-arranging the song, adding new sections or cutting out other sections. And it also provided a chance to update lyrics and modify choruses – maybe to a lyric that seemed more appropriate to the current time instead of 1999, or to a lyric that felt truer to the real purpose of the song.

Regardless, like a raft bouncing down a narrow canyon river, the project quickly gathered momentum. One after another kept pouring out and soon my iPhone recording app was full of these reinventions. Each of the 3 EP’s are intended to have 6 to 7 songs.

Chapter 1: A Charcoal Afternoon (Aug 2021)

Chapter 1: An Evening in the Margins (Nov 2022)

Chapter 3: COMING IN LATE 2023

A minute preview of "So Far Away (Foot by Foot)" set to video.

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