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A Charcoal Afternoon EP Cover.jpg

I created the Homespun Seals moniker as a 2020s vehicle for original, vocal-centric song presentations, with the help of my wife, Shara Seals – a lifelong harmony singer. The songs range from bedroom rock to indie pop to acoustic synth folk.


The first project, “The Sketchbook Series” is a 3 chapter collection of songs I wrote in the 2010s, and a reimagining of songs from the 2000s.


The first 2 installments, “A Charcoal Afternoon” (2021) and “An Evening in the Margins” (2022) were homespun in all senses. The 3rd, “Midnight Acrylics” (2024) expanded the production and presentation with the help of friends.


An EP album of all new original songs is in the works for 2025.

Midnight Acrylics Cover.jpg

Shut Out the World- NEW RELEASE from Midnight Acrylics.

A minute preview of "So Far Away (Foot by Foot)" set to video.

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