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The Punishment Rock

Daniel Bright is a part-time adventurer, part-time slacker from middle America, and he’s hearing voices in his head. They’re not human and they speak of things he doesn’t quite understand yet. But that’s the least of his concerns as Earth’s geological clock is disastrously waking up and he’s kidnapped by multiple groups who all think he has something to do with the cause; a mysterious object hidden under the Gulf of Mexico waters. And if that wasn’t bad enough, he inadvertently brought his ex-girlfriend, Isabel Hutton, into the drama. Both of them will try their best to save each other as the story bounces around the Northern Hemisphere and across different eras of time; all while secrets of past mass extinctions come to light, leading to a dire conclusion that life might not have as secure a grip on Earth as previously thought.

This adventure thriller that reads like a geological Da Vinci Code with elements of Indiana Jones and Marvel fantasy is coming – one way or another! Stay tuned!

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Punishment Rock Chapter 1
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This reading of Chapter 1 from The Punishment Rock sets the stage for an exciting adventure that bounces between the Yucatan Peninsula, Oklahoma, Iceland, and more.

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