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The Punishment Rock

In this adventure thriller that reads like a geological Da Vinci Code with elements of Indiana Jones and Marvel universe fantasy, shit is hitting the fan for late twenty-something Daniel Bright from Oklahoma– who’s inadvertently found himself caught in a tangle between the deep past, an explosive present, and uncertain future. But it’s not only him; its global and Earth is breaking out some end game tricks.

However, this is not a story about the apocalypse.

It’s about Daniel and his ex-girlfriend, Isabel Hutton.

Can they reconcile their past in time to figure out what it was Daniel helped find off the coast of the Yucatan Peninsula? Does this discovery have something to do with the current chaos? Are they in cahoots with the right people? Who should they trust?


“The Punishment Rock” is coming – one way or another – in 2022! Stay tuned!
Punishment Rock Chapter 1
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This reading of Chapter 1 from The Punishment Rock sets the stage for an exciting adventure that bounces between the Yucatan Peninsula, Oklahoma, Iceland, and more.

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